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Hypnosis for Habits and Addictions

Break that bad habit the easy way

Habits: Good or Bad?

Not all habits are unwanted. In fact, most habits are good for us. Habits such as brushing your teeth at night, looking both ways before you cross a road, or turning out the lights before you leave the house are examples of habits that are positive.

A habit becomes a problem when we do something “too much” and it has a negative impact on your life or the lives of those around you.Some bad habits can even turn into addictions, which of course can be devastating.

Hypnosis Makes It Easy to Change Old Patterns

Habits are patterns which are stored in your subconscious mind. Trying to change a habit with willpower is only utilizing your conscious mind.With willpower, you may be able to change a pattern temporarily, but you will likely just go back to your old ways.

Think of all the people who go on a diet, lose a lot of weight and gain it all back. Or consider all the people who quit smoking for a while and then light up again. It’s really, really hard to change habits and addictions with willpower alone!

The good news is that with hypnosis, you don’t need to rely on willpower. Hypnosis taps into the deeper part of your mind, the powerful subconscious. With a skilled hypnotherapist, you can easily end negative bad habits, and even replace them with new, positive, healthy ones. Hypnosis makes changing bad habits easy!

Some Common Bad Habits that hypnosis can help you break:

  • Fingernail Biting – Stop biting your nails

  • Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) - Stop grinding and sleep better

  • Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania) – Stop pulling

  • Compulsive Shopping – Control your spending

  • Compulsive Gambling – Stop gambling

  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse and Addictions – Become free

  • Chocolate, Sweets, or Junk Food – Take control and be healthy

  • Caffeine Addiction – Cut back or stop drinking coffee and soda

  • Chewing Tobacco or Cigar Smoking – Become nicotine free

  • Habitual Lying – Be more honest

  • Procrastination – Manage your time and get more done

  • Hoarding – Clear your clutter

  • Sexual Addictions – Have a normal love life

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Overcome OCD

Take Control of Your Habits Today

Call Valerie’s office in Phoenix today at 602-992-4318 to set up a free no obligation consultation and see if hypnotherapy is right for you. Freedom from your bad habit or addition can be yours with the power of hypnosis!

Client Feedback

"After Years of Dental Work, I Stopped
Grinding my Teeth After Just One Session"

Irene Wesley
Phoenix, AZ


"I’ve Quit Smoking For 5 Months"

Don Dorgan
Peoria, AZ


Jim F.
Phoenix, AZ

Jim Quits Alcohol with Hypnosis

I wanted to quit drinking.If I wasn’t an alcoholic, I was close.I drank 6 or 7 drinks a day and on the weekends I would start drinking at 11 a.m. and go all day. I couldn’t help but think about how successful Valerie Dawson was with helping him to quit smoking. So I went back to her for help.

We collaborated before the first session and we coined the word ‘alcohol’ to be like poison to me. A few sessions later, I was a non-drinker. There have been many times and situations that I would normally have a drink.

Because I now truly believe that alcohol is a poisonous lake that wants to suck me in and drown me, I don’t even have a desire to drink alcohol.Valerie changed my life. I really owe her my life!


Mike Cuts Down on Soda

Before coming in to work with Valerie, I had an addiction to Coca-Cola. I would go through two to three liters a day! With my job I was on the road all day, so I would stop in at convenience stores and buy the largest sodas I could buy. Then I would drink even more when I got home.

Valerie helped me to cut down to one or two small sodas a day. I told her that I didn’t want to give up Coke completely, so it feels great to have control. Now I drink more water and as a result I’ve lost a few pounds.I feel a lot healthier. My wife and friends can’t believe I was able to do it!

Mike M.
Glendale, AZ


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